da Vinci

robotic surgery

With over 30 years of surgical experience, the medical team at Helena OB/GYN are certified in minimally invasive robotic surgery. Using the da Vinci surgery robot allows the surgeon to make tiny keyhole incisions to perform most types of major surgery, while a laparoscope provides amazing precision and a magnified view of the patient’s anatomy.

Benefits for You

With the da Vinci minimally invasive process, it is common for a surgery to be associated with a greatly decreased recovery time. In addition, it is often possible for the surgeon to leave the ovaries intact to avoid hormonal changes. Resulting in less pain, lower risk of infection, minimal blood loss and a faster recovery.

Significantly less pain

Less blood loss

Less scarring

Fewer complications

Shorter hospital stay

Less risk of infection

The da Vinci robot provides amazing precision and three-dimensional images, and magnifies the view of the patient’s anatomy by a factor of 10. This is like walking around inside the patient and being able to perform any type of major surgery through a laparoscope. We are now in an era where large incisions are no longer necessary for most gynecologic surgery. In other words, if you want to have any female surgery performed without the large additional incision, come and see us. You will go home with only Band-Aids. Nine out of 10 of our patients go home in less than five hours.

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